Sunday, 16 September 2012

We've Got Ears, Say Cheers!

Oh dear, after promising a blog post at least every week I seem to have missed a week already! It was a busy weekend with no time for baking, and then on Monday I attempted a leopard print sponge cake but it was a bit of a fail so I'm still debating whether to share it with the world...

This week's project was an order for Minnie Mouse cupcakes for a little girl's second birthday, and I was SO excited about it. Aside from being a huge Disney addict myself, my baby daughter is already showing the same tendencies and loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and I've already been thinking ahead (way ahead as she's only six months old!) to possible themes for her first birthday party. Pinterest is full of perfectly made Mickey Mouse cakes and themed birthday parties, and these were just a few of my favourites:

For this particular batch the design I used was based on these adorable Minnie Mouse cupcakes from The Cake Bar, I love how simple they are but yet the ears and bow make them instantly recognisable. They were really straight forward to make, just chocolate cake and vanilla buttercream icing, but it's the decorations that make it.

I've had issues when using fondant decorations on buttercream in the past, I think it's the moisture in the butter that starts to break down the fondant and it ends up a soggy mess after a few hours. I was advised that this doesn't happen if you make the decorations in advance and leave them to air dry for a few days before putting them on top of the cupcakes, but unfortunately my forward planning was a bit lacking this week! So I made the red bows the day before and then delivered them separately with instructions to press them into the buttercream on the day of the party. Bows are actually a really easy decoration to make using fondant and are very impressive - this is a great tutorial.

A few white polka dots and a number 2 (for the birthday girl!) finished them off nicely and made them more Minnie-esque. The ears are made from giant chocolate buttons, much tastier than more fondant and easier than cutting out tiny circles. I love how cute these cupcakes are, and they're definitely on the list of possible treats for our little one's first birthday!

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